Data-driven native advertising
RUNative is a unique self-service digital advertising network

Advanced features to make sure you
run on all cylinders.

All RUNative innovations are designed and engineered in-house
  • A unique self-service platform
    Our open network allows you choose which domains and adspots you want to run your ads on. We don’t hide behind publisher ids, what you see is what you get.
  • A platform built for performance
    Our real time stats, CPC and dynamic CPM billing models and our advanced targeting features are the perfect combination for advertisers in search of performance. It’s also how we generate maximum revenue for our publishers.
  • Easy deposits and fast payouts
    Advertisers can start running campaigns with a budget as low as $100! And we pay our publishers out every week!
  • An expert team at arms reach
    All RUNative advertisers and publishers can count on the advice of an expert account manager to ensure the highest performance.
  • Fully self-serve platform
    Fully self-serve platform
  • Open RTB
    Open RTB
  • Most granular targeting
    Most granular targeting
  • Target and optimize by publisher
    Target and optimize by publisher
  • Multiple payment methods
    Multiple payment methods
  • Realtime detailed stats
    Realtime detailed stats

RUN campaigns

Our advertisers are major brands, they are media outlets, from DSP trading desks to prime editorial focused affiliate marketers. All our publishers get to decide what type of ads they want to run out of a extensive and comprehensive choice of categories.

RUN Traffic

All our traffic sources are premium content editors, they are are cherry picked and consistently quality checked on performance basis. We offer advertisers a market place, meaning they can chose the publishers that are the most suited to their campaign.

Run campaigns for advertisers is fully
self-service: you run the show

While backstage, our data-driven AI does the thinking for you
  • We keep our exclusive inventory premium by only keeping high performance publishers. Allowing us to deliver outperforming real visitors, real users, and real returning customers.
    Premium traffic sources
  • Let our algorithms decide where to place your ad, or just get into the driving seat and decide for yourself! Our premium marketplace will let you decide on which publishers you want your ads to appear.
    Open Marketplace
  • Detailed statistics are the foundation of successful campaigns. Our API tools will allow you to export all your campaign data to your own tools.
    Real time statistics
  • Fastest campaign approval rates Various payment methods (Paypal, Paxum, wire and credit card) Tailored account management and support.
    Stellar customer service
Run campaigns for advertisers is fully self-service: you run the show
  • Anti adblock systems Split testing made easy Real time optimization by publisher Server to server tracking for any event, lead to sale.
    Self-service optimization
  • CPC and sophisticated dCPC model OpenRTB for DSPs and SSPs Daily Spend
    Advanced bidding methods
  • We don’t just serve ads, our technology teaches itself what works best for each one of your campaigns and seemingly helps you scale to success.
    Reimagined Remarketing
  • We mix internal algorithms with third party service data to identify and eliminate fraudulent or suspicious traffic making sure every click we deliver is genuine.
    Anti fraud systems

Run traffic for publishers

We identify and match your specific content with users that are just as unique.

We run a tight ship to make sure we deliver the perfect ads at the perfect time.

  • Optimized standard size native banners
  • Native widgets
  • Weekly payouts for all
  • Set up your own compliance rules among over 100 flags

Great minds run in the same channel.

RUNative was built by publishers for publishers, in fact our team has been managing top 100 alexa websites for over a decade.

  • Internal anti fraud algorithms
  • 100% fill rate
  • An expert account manager for EVERY publisher

About us

We are passionate online marketers, webmasters and program owners with combined decades of successful experience in advertising technology and marketing. We are an international, multicultural and multilingual team, with offices all around the world between in Barcelona- Spain, Montreal - Canada and Limassol - Cyprus.
We built RUNative from scratch and continuously thrive on improving and engineering our technology to provide the best possible solution for publishers, for advertisers and for internet marketers. Reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you, and help grow your business!

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