We have new formats!

June 10, 2020


Now available: Banners!

We are very excited to let you know that the long-awaited ad formats are here and now available on RUNative. Get ready for Banners!


What can you expect:

  • The highest conversions
  • Rich inventory
  • Variety of options and ad sizes 
  • 100% Fill rate
  • Worldwide coverage


Which sizes are available:

  • 250×150
  • 300×250
  • 300×100
  • 315×300
  • 728×90
  • 900×250


Where to find them?

  • Advertisers have the option to select specific Standard Banner format right within the first steps of creating a new campaign.
  • Publishers will find all Standard Banner ad formats in the options listing, right within the first steps of creating new ad spots.


Log on to your RUNative account and test them today!

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