Real-Time Bidding – Runative

Real-Time Bidding

Benefit from RUNative’s unique supply and demand and increase your efficiency. Real-Time Bidding is a form of programmatic buying, which means that each impression is given a value based on the targeting information of the user at that time.


Access RUNative’s demand and monetise like never before.


Access our premium inventory of over 1 billion ad impressions a day.

Supported Ad Formats

Push and IPP



Video Pre-Roll

Video IM Slider

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Supported Protocols

Fully OpenRTB 2.5 compatible JSON/XML

Technical Documentation

Benefits of RTB

For Publishers

Increase competition for your traffic by multiplying your demand sources

Uncover ads that will match our content as well as your users

Monetise 100% of your inventory by accessing wide targeted campaigns

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For Advertisers

Access premium marketplaces, to scale on a large range of sites

Use smart targeting and pricing to optimise costs

Using dynamic targeting parameters to automate the optimisation.

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