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Our Ad Formats

We strive on providing an effective and user-friendly solution for publishers, advertisers as well as developers, that is aimed at monetising supply in the most efficient way, while delivering the highest quality users.

Push and IPP

Push and in page push is a unique way of delivering your brand’s message across directly to the user in an effective yet non intrusive manner.


High converting as formats that seemingly mimic the content of your website. Take advantage of our user friendly widget generator for high performance responsive spots.

Banner Ads

We offer a variety of top-converting banner sizes for desktop and mobile in all the industry standard sizes. This proven ad format and our premium inventory guarantee the highest performance.

Video Pre-Roll

Our newest addition to the inventory - Video Pre-Roll - is a promotional video ad that can play up to 30 seconds prior to the start of the video, on both mobile & desktop. Video Pre-Roll also has a Follow-up Banner to increase user attention and give only the highest conversion rates!

Video IM Slider

Our ready-to-use Video IM Sliders are an ultimate way to immediately capture users’ attention and send your message across. Video IM Slider appears as an instant message dialogue box, containing a 30 seconds video ad.


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