September 5, 2019

Powerful headlines are playing just as a crucial part of your strategy as good images. A good headline can grab the attention of the users, sorting out the targeted audience and leading them to explore more about the content. Therefore, take your time and create your headlines thoughtfully. 

Aim to trigger curiosity

Trigger people’s curiosity by providing a piece of information in your Headlines but leaving some space for imagination. Example: “The Most Unexpected Way To Get Rich”, “These European Singles Are Too Much Fun To Miss Out On”, “I put a lemon in my microwave and the result was amazing”. 

“How to…”

The safe way to raise your CTR. How-to headlines are promising to teach readers how to solve a problem or help people to achieve their desired outcome. Example: “How to get started with Affiliate Marketing”, “How to make money in the stock market”, “How to lose weight in 3 days”. 

List/Numbered Headlines

Words and numbers – a powerful combination to catch the user’s attention. These headlines are easy to read and provide a clear idea of the content. Example: “10 Powerful alternatives to caffeine”, “1 Free Spin A Day To Win The Last Smartphone!”, “3 Simple Tips How To Make Money”, “#1 Anime Game of The Year!”. 

A question mark in the Headline?

Having a question mark in your headlines works perfectly for triggering curiosity. Example: “Carbs or Fat: Which causes weight gain?”, “Can you last longer than 10 seconds? Try this game!”, “Why People Invest in Bitcoin?”, “What did they find in the old Egyptian cave?”, “Are these real?”.

Negative Headline

Negative headlines are getting the reader’s attention thanks to the simple fact – we don’t like to lose, or fail. Example: “DON’T do this during an interview!”, “Affiliate marketing – failures and lessons”, “17 worst social media marketing fails of 2019”.

Excited/Superlative Headline

Superlatives in combination with exciting and relevant content work the best in getting the user’s attention. Don’t be afraid to use “Fantastic”, ” Unbelievable” or “Awesome” in your headlines. Example: “AMAZING Trick To Get Your Teeth White Forever!”, “Unbelievable! How He Saved $ Thousands On Car Repair Bills”, “This is The Hottest Game of 2018: Try it Now”.

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