3 Reasons Why To Choose Monetizing with Native Banners

September 5, 2019

Native ads are a great solution to those who wish to monetize their website while remaining to look non-commercial. We bring you 3 reasons why to choose Native banners for your monetization strategy.

Generating more revenue

Native ads are made to look as they belong with the original content and the offers are relevant to visitors’ interests. This leads to higher engagement as readers actually pay attention to the ads rather than simply scrolling past it. Therefore, Native banners generate much higher CTR compared to traditional display ads.

Non-intrusive user experience

Unlike traditional banners, Native Banners are much more user-friendly. Connecting with the users in a convenient form, offering relevant content at the right time. As the widgets look like a part of the website, they don’t leave the visitors with a feeling of being interrupted or exposed to the external marketing strategies. Thanks to Native ads, publishers don’t have to compromise their website design to monetize the traffic.

You run the show

As the website owner, you are in charge – decide about the placement and look of your Native ad spots. With our advanced Ad Spot Creator, you can choose from a variety of pre-set ad formats and customize them to be a perfect match for the design and feel of your website. We made sure that all RUNative widgets are fully customizable for the best integration to your website. 


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